Julie Hill
Lydia Lunch
Max Zuckerman
Camilla Padgitt-Coles
Randy Gibson
Bryce Hackford


  Galtta is a Brooklyn based music label and project studio specializing in jazz, minimalism, and outsider pop music. The artists represented by Galtta are often expanding and exploring the possibilities within their fields and have found a welcoming home within Galtta's open ended catalogue.
    Founded in 2008 by David Lackner, Galtta began within the jazz community of Philadelphia. Working with artists such as John Swana, Symbiosis Syndicate, and Ron Thomas, Galtta began documenting the more experimental and electronic side of the traditional jazz community, and the label continues this work.
    Since this time, Galtta has moved to Brooklyn, and has taken on a more broad community including artists working within new music, minimalism, and experimental pop. With over 25 releases, and more on the way, Galtta has cultivated a strong and supportive community which includes Blue Jazz TV, Lydia Lunch, Adrian Knight, Anthony Vine, Energy Star, Billy G. Robinson, and many more.
    In addition to supporting artists, Galtta keeps an always expanding catalogue of short run tapes, records, and CD's. Focusing mostly on analog mediums, Galtta caters to curious and open minded listeners and collectors currently underrepresented by the more traditional music industry.
    We have presented live performances and events at The Lincoln Center Film Society, The Northside Festival, and The BJ Rubin Show. Galtta plans to continue for years to come both as a label and supportive community for like minded artists.