GALTTA - 013 : Adrian Knight / Pictures of Lindsey Virtuoso song writer, singer, dark lord of the pitchwheel, Adrian Knight presents a collection of hi-fidelity bedroom tracks oozing with smooth sax, synth bells, and plastic filth. An absolutly beautiful, must hear album that you will play over and over.
GALTTA - 012 : David Lackner / Synthetic Love Dream 2 long duration, just intonation compositions for sinewaves, saxophone, drums and tuned bass. Featuring a heartbreaking vocal performance from Lydia Lunch. Hi-fidelity recording by Martin Bisi in the BC studio.

"It's easy to stand out when you're basically the only tape label out there that is releasing jazz music. But this New York-based imprint grabbed me for another reason: it's releasing really, really good and weird jazz music. Previous issues are what should be bonafide classics by now, featuring virtuosic EVI playing from John Swana on a number of tapes, fragile neo-classicism on a gorgeous album from Mark Przybylowski, and of course the adventurous saxophone playing of label chief, David Lackner, who is ushering in Galtta's first venture into vinyl with his epic, sprawling 'In the Well of Eternal Living and Dying', a co-release with NCR."  

 - Crawford Philleo